In 2008, Lemon Street Gallery adopted Union Park through our City’s Keep Kenosha Beautiful Program by planting a small flower garden. Union Park is the namesake of our Kenosha Union Park Project (KUPP) and the centerpiece of the KUPP neighborhood, located one block East of the gallery, at 7th Avenue and 46th Street.  Union Park is one of the oldest parks in Kenosha, which was once known as a city of parks.

Kenosha History Center reveals that the Union Park area was first known as the North Ward.  In 1852, the North Ward neighbors organized for Union Park's care and beautification. Over 150 years later, embracing the same spirit, today's KUPP residents and small businesses have begun revitalization efforts to recapture the sense of community once known among neighbors who worked, played and looked out for one another. Times have changed, but the things that make people feel like they belong have not…recognizing similarities, respecting differences, honoring culture and family, earnest efforts to be inclusive in word and deed…smiling recognition.  We believe that the time is right to support one another and work together for a better place to call home.

Lemon Street Gallery initiated conversations with area businesses and residents on a neighborhood revitalization project focused on creating an inclusive haven within the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin that celebrates the diversity among creative people.  There is now plenty of public art, gardens and activities in Union Park, outdoor public WI-FI, and initiatives that will make KUPP a much sought-after destination neighborhood.  We welcome you to the KUPP!
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Lake Michigan is just three blocks east of Union Park.